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Our mission deliver provide specialized creative solutions to fit your dynamic market needs. 

These services encompass media generation, event planning, drafting, 3D modeling, event logistics, Virtual and Augmented Reality environments as well as the growing IoT connectivity platform.


We help you become more prolific!

Who We Are


Dream Big!

We've got you covered.

We are the team of avant garde experts who provide the innovative solutions to your unique demands.

Our skills were nurtured and refined in the entertainment industry over time and we have come to understand the complex needs of the rapidly changing world of performance.

We understand that your goals require quick and strategic thinking and the expertise to seamlessly reach your audience.

Providing Success

Entertainment Achievement

Have you been searching for a definitive breathtaking solution? Do you want to offer an awesome experience that will amaze your audience?

We offer a diverse package of expert services that allow us to meet a wide variety of needs, providing clear insight within a growing field of ever conventional options.

We meticulously cultivate rewarding relationships and believe in obtaining

mutually beneficial goals to develop optimal market strength.

Success is our achievement.

Dionisio Tafoya
Creative Director
Driven by Talent

Our Core Team

Disciplined in fine art, art direction for themed entertainment and film, and well versed in new technologies, Dionisio explores unique expressions for every project we cultivate. 

Shawn Potter
Tech Director

Shawn is an experienced Lighting Designer and globe trekker with many years of experience in music, live entertainment, event management and logistical support. 

His leadership experience gives him powerful and clear perception during project runs.

Dionysus Creative is a vision that was realized through many years of collective experience in entertainment and specialty environments.  

Our team is led by Creative Director, Dionisio Tafoya and Technical Director, Shawn Potter who have a broad range of in depth field experience and unique vision.

We invite you to explore an expanding universe of creative opportunities with us.  Please feel free to view our personal experience by exploring our links.

Short List of Credits: Mazda Product Launch-stagehand Duran Duran-Audio Jackson Browne-Stagehand Aftershock festival-stagehand Weezer-Spot Op Godsmack-Spot Op Jack Johnson-Stage hand Stagehand at the Greek Theater Berkeley Multiple corporate parties and presentations. Dolby Company picnic Virgin America company picnic Lighting Director for Inspire Productions Lighting design for Dolby Halloween party LD. For Mozilla Firefox 10th anniversary party. LD for Genentech employee anniversary party. LD for Cambridge associates Casino night LD for multiple weddings throughout Sonoma and Napa valley. LD for Solazyme holiday party. G3 convention stagehand. Stage Manager-Driving Miss Daisy at Cinnabar Theater.

Angela Tafoya

Angela is a Show Runner and Cinematographer with expertise in development and post production.

She is an alumni of Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Ca. where she majored in photo journalism

She works in logistics at Telemundo/NBC Los Angeles. 

Angela's Demo Reel

Note: Our video does not currently play in some mobile devices.  We are working on a solution and will fix this problem shortly.

About us
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