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A journey into the future

A new era is upon us.  In this new world of infinite possibilities our perception will transform, layers of virtual and augmented realities will introduce us to new ways of engaging and interacting with the world around us.

Dionysus Creative is working with powerful visionaries to realize the new narrative that will drive and transform our collective human experience.

Working with technical support from Daqri, an innovator in AR solutions and a home grown team of some of the best new developers in the industry we are excited to offer these amazing capabilities to our clients campaigns.

This service is likely to become our most valuable offering and is positioned to serve our clients in immeasurable ways.


Any campaign with a robust AR/VR component will not only surpass all competition, it will also set an unrivaled narrative market trend as well as offer exponential ROI. 


Let our vision electrify your purpose. 


Dionysus Creative, LLC, your partner in Augmented Development.

What are the capabilities of AR that will enhance your business?

1. AR gives you the ability to visualize digital information in context that you otherwise wouldn't see.


2. AR is a great way to provide instructions and guidance.


3. AR allows you to interact with objects through IoT integration. 

Infinite Dimensions

Looking ahead to the not so distant future our entire world is headed toward complete and total immersion in a whole new way of interacting with our surroundings.  The way we shop, do business, enjoy entertainment, and even connect with each other is rapidly being overlaid with a multitude of new dimensions via the Internet of Things, Big Data collection and Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Realities.


The infrastructure is being developed as we speak and companies like Dionysus Creative are here to create compelling media that will make the most of the new framework as well as provide unmatched creative talent to effectively draw in your audience.

Our background in the entertainment industry gives us a unique advantage over almost every other competitor because we are steeped in the storytelling tradition of symbol and entertainment.

The example above is just one way AR will integrate with Smart Phones, HoloLens, and other devices.  

Be the first in your market to tap into the magnificent power of this game changing technology and obtain the edge that will make your brand outshine the rest.  Contact us to see how we can take your brand into new realms.

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