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Design and Custom Fabrication

DC Production Services
We are seasoned professionals in the delivery of design and scenic services. With over 25 years of professional experience, we bring expert experience to your vision.

Our services include:

      Production Design
      Digital modeling
      3D Printing
​      Sketch Up, CAD design
      Set Construction
      Practical Effects
      Miniatures management and integration
      On-Site Installation

-Flor Azul (UNM, NM); Installation and logistical support
-Lucia del Lammamour (Opera Southwest); Scenic Painting (2009)
Notable Projects:
-Katie Goes Home- Feature (2015); Artistic Consultant
-Guerrilla Graphix Old Town ABQ; Display Fab, painting
-After After Party w/ Steven Michael Quezada; Production Design
-La Cenerentola (Opera Southwest); Scenic Painting
-City of Azusa Redevelopment Agency Mural; Scenic Painting
Scenic Painting for Survivor Guatemala (2003)
Die Fledermaus (Opera Southwest); Scenic Painting (2009)

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